Policies and Procedures


We require a 24 hour notice (one full business day) for non-emergency cancellations.  Monday appointments will need to be cancelled by Friday in order to avoid the out-of-pocket missed appointment fee. For example, appointments scheduled for 10 am Monday will need to be cancelled by 10 am Friday.  A full 24 hours is required.  Because our counselor loses a full billing hour, the late cancel or no show fee is our established billing rate of $100.00 per billable session.  Please note that insurance does not pay any portion of the late cancel or no show fee and that the client is responsible for payment in full.  If we are able to fill the appointment slot, even if you did not give a full 24 hour notice, the late cancel fee will be reduced to $10.00.  We will make every effort to fill the slot, but we do not guarantee this.

We do not charge a late cancel or no show fee for verifiable emergencies. Examples of verifiable emergencies include, but are not limited to:  vehicular accident en route to the appointment, injury or illness of self or minor that is significant enough to seek medical attention, sudden onset of fever, flu, or other contagious illness of self or minor (a doctor's note may be required), other situations that are unexpected and emergent.  Please understand that we only waive the fee if there was not sufficient time to notify us due to the emergency situation.  Please notify us as soon as you are able to avoid paying a late fee due to a verifiable emergency.  Please note:  scheduling conflicts with work or other matters do not qualify as emergencies.  If you have a work schedule that may interfere with appointment times due to the inherent nature of the position, please discuss this with your counselor prior to establishing services.  Even with these positions, appointments should be scheduled during times in which you are not on-call, etc.

No show or late cancel fees must be paid in full in order to attend the next appointment.  Appointments that are already on the schedule will be cancelled if payment is not received 2 business days prior to the scheduled appointments.  Please direct all questions and concerns to our office manager at 336-214-5188 .

Please see our Reminder Calls Policy below for more information related to no shows and late cancellations.


Reminder calls, texts, and emails are a courtesy of Oasis Counseling Center, Inc. and are not a guarantee. Reminder calls, texts, and emails are sent through our client portal.  Please sign up for our client portal if you would like to receive reminder messages.  Again, reminder calls are a back up plan for your benefit, but clients are ultimately responsible for managing his or her schedule and are responsible for all no show and late cancel fees.  Reminder calls should not be used as the primary method for remembering your appointment as computer and software glitches do occur. If there is a conflict between the appointment you have on your schedule and the appointment the reminder call or text sends you, please call the office.  The reminder call is based on what we have in our electronic system.

Please remember, no show and late cancellations incur a $100.00 fee.  Please see our no show/late cancel policy posted in the lobby and on the website.

We want to help you remember your appointment in any way we can.  Please see our Scheduling Tips posted in the lobby and on the website.

Please ask our office person if you would like to sign up for the client portal.

Please direct all questions and concerns to the front desk staff at 336-214-5188 .  If the issue is not resolved, please contact the director, Karen Canada, at 336-534-1277.


If Oasis Counseling Center, Inc. closes its office due to inclement weather, we will leave a voice mail greeting stating if we are closed or which counselors are not in the office. Some counselors may choose to work and others may not. This will be stated on the voice mail greeting. Due to the number of clients we serve, it is unlikely that we will be able to notify everyone individually. We will contact you to reschedule your appointment as soon as we are able.

Regardless of whether or not the office is closed or your counselor is in, clients are urged to make his or her own decision about whether or not to attend an appointment in inclement weather. Please leave a message on the voice mail if you decide to cancel your appointment. CLIENTS WILL NOT BE HELD TO THE 24 HOUR CANCELLATION POLICY IN INCLEMENT WEATHER AS LONG AS THEY NOTIFY US WITH AS MUCH NOTICE AS POSSIBLE. We understand and respect each person's decision around inclement weather and understand that there may not be much time to give notice.

Please direct any questions or concerns to Karen Canada, LPCS, Director


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